11 July 2011

Evil Always Gets its Comeuppance!

Psalm 37:1 
“Do not fret because of evil men or be envious of those who do wrong … like green plants they will soon die away.”

It is hard to watch bad people get ahead. It can bring out the worst in us if we are not careful. Sometimes life seems unbalanced and unfair.

When evil people appear to win, David says we can be assured of seven things:
  1. Regardless of how it looks at the moment, there is nothing in their lives worth envying. (Ps. 37:1)
  2. The power of evil is more frail and temporary than might appear (37:2, 20, 35-36)
  3. The perpetrators of evil will be cut off and their power will be broken (37:9, 17)
  4. If you react with anger and frustration it is likely to lead to more evil. Choose peace. (37:8, 37)
  5. God is “laughing” at the perpetrators knowing that “there day is coming”. You can laugh too. (37:13)
  6. Evil eventually turns on its own, it self destructs. (37:15)
  7. God delivers the upright from the wicked. (37:23-31, 40)
Don’t despair at the work of evil people. Confront the wrong, pray against wicked acts, weep over the consequences of evil and be an agent of grace. Rehearse the seven realities above and wait for the Lord as you keep his way. “There is a future for the person of peace.” (37:37)

And if you want the best model in the universe, look at Jesus who endured such opposition from evil people. His example will help you not to get weary or to lose heart. (Heb 12:2-3)

  • How do you respond when evil is victorious around you?
  • What would you add to this list of seven?
  • Please leave a comment.


  1. I'm always amazed at how my husband follows these principles. His take is: You listen to what others are saying (or doing) to you; you don't retaliate; you park it to one side and move on. I admire that. It's so easy as humans to hold onto injustice and mull it over and then it grows and festers - not healthy!
    God used Isaiah to comfort His people reminding them that retribution was His job (Is 34) but follows it up with Redemption (Is 35)

  2. Hey Alan,
    Something that I would add to the list is from Romans 12:17-21. This is something that God really impressed on my heart many many years ago, when going through big heartache. It is for him to avenge and he will repay. So hard to do, but it sets you free from revenge and bitterness in your soul.
    Bec Burley